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My name is Katie May and this is our website - expatdatingspain.com

I really hope you enjoy the site and find it is the springboard you need to help you find friendship and romance where ever you are.


It's a great thrill to set off to a new life abroad and all the more fun when shared. For those who find themselves single, finding someone to share their lives with in their corner of the world is no longer a big challenge. Online dating is now firmly established.


After 10 years living in France, my dear husband developed lung cancer and died fairly quickly. It left me in shock and with a very uncertain future. My French was ok but not up to dealing with the bureaucracy involved in the aftermath of a death.


Officials couldn't have been kinder and they helped all they could, my family and friends rallied round and I made the painful transition to widowhood with their support. Nevertheless, I was traumatised and it took a couple of years to stabilise.


My finances were dire, I had to rent my house out to survive. Finding a job was nigh impossible in a country of high unemployment and my accounting qualifications weren't recognised, plus at over 50, too old. Also after 2 years I was beginning to feel that I would like to share my life again, but didn't know how. This is the point at which the dream turns very difficult and a few hard decisions have to be faced. Should I stay or go back to UK? I opted to stay.


Friends made it possible; their daughter had just met a great guy on a dating site and told me to do the same. 'Problems shared are problems half solved', or something like that. I had checked out a few French dating sites with hilarious results but no romance. It wasn't just the language problems, it was the cultural differences. I missed the silly English humour, the shared experiences of growing up in Britain and being in a foreign country, I knew why a 'dead parrot' was funny. 'There isn't a decent dating site for expats' I told my friends, 'so start one' they replied. So I did.


I had to sell my car to do it. Building a business anywhere requires a lot of capital. My friends became shareholders, as did another old friend who wanted to help out. Slowly the idea took off and we grew with the help of advertisers and word of mouth.


3 years on we have members all over France and Spain.


Romances are constantly bubbling away on the sites, couples have met, some have moved in together, some have even married. We allways like to hear a good news story so if you would like to share in any capacity then please email me on katiemay@expatdatingspain.com


Expatdating has been featured in a number of publication over the years, a sample of which can be found on the link below.



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