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It's possible I'm the only expat on here still struggling to get beyond a lot of nouns, a few mangled verbs, and talented mime, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel:  along with the local free lessons I'm now playing Michel Thomas's Spanish disks in the car. They date back a bit, but he seems a miracle worker, I'm chatting along fluently in the car and who knows maybe some day in real life too... 

I do miss music while I'm driving but aquí y ahora I have to get communication nailed!  
This post is also a wave to anyone on here near Costa Tropical, hola! 

Liza Nov 29 '19 · Tags: learning spanish
There are many ways to make your profile stand out!

Here are a few tips to help you.

* Maybe ask a friend/relative to help write about you?
They often have more positive things to say about you than you would yourself.
They see you in a different light that what you see yourself!

* Avoid clichés!
Write something interesting about yourself that will grab peoples attention and be a sure conversation starter!
If you're struggling for inspiration why not have a look at other profiles and see what they are writing to get some ideas?

* Be honest and update your profile regularly!
Lying will get you nowhere-honesty is definitely the best policy when online dating!
Recent photographs are a must! Showing people the real you and having plenty of photos on your profile of yourself will gain you more attention!

* Be specific about what you want!
Do you want a relationship? Companionship? Friendship?
Ensure you include this on your profile.

And finally be yourself!!
admin Jan 6 '19

Ever watched Frasier?

If you haven't you should - it's the perfect guide on "how not to date!"
Plus it's hilarious!

Dating is not an art, it's from the heart, so it's totally confusing, emotional and full of all those feelings we could do without! BUT it's better than sitting watching old reruns of Frasier on your own every night.

So go on a few dates with lots of people, just to make friends, just to get some experience, just to get out and have a life!

We have really simplified our prices, only 15 Euros a month - that's only the couple of Sangrias.
And we are really fussy here, we don't let the whole world in, its English speaking expats only so you're as safe as we can make it! 

Give it a go and get your glad rags ready - you're going on a date!!

admin Mar 15 '18

Have you ever written a bucket list? You know the type of thing, making a list of around 10 to 30 things you want to do before you 'kick the bucket'; a fabulous Americanism for popping one's clogs (although a 'clog list' doesn't have quite the same ring to it!).


It's a great thing to do, it really is. We all have things we want to do... It could be a big as skydiving, yelling an obscenity into the Grand Canyon, or making one person smile every day, or learn to play the piano.


Studies show that the summer months are when we feel... more


The decision to move to France was a long time brewing. We didn't just wake up one morning and decide to move. We were following a dream that had built inside us and that we had jointly shared, for many, many years.

So when we did finally pack up the car, having sent on all our worldly goods, we were so excited. Our dream was finally becoming a reality. We drove through France in late Spring, the warmth already in the air, trees just turning green, mists hovering in the early morning light. It took 6 days to drive to Provence, staying at various beautiful places en route. I will never forget the drive, nor the glorious countryside around us. In a way, it was like travelling through a dream.... more

admin May 7 '17 · Tags: my story, real stories

We’re betting you can spot a cut and paste profile from a mile away. They say things like, ‘fun loving,’ ‘laid back,’ and ‘adventurous.’ But take note, if you can spot them easily, others can also see the amount of effort you’ve put into your own profile! If your profile is a list of adjectives that could describe almost anyone, you’re not going to have the kind of success you’re hoping for.

It’s so important, but it isn’t always easy. Here are our best tips for writing a delicious and juicy profile sure to spark interest in getting to know you better.... more


Male Order

by Pril Gurney


                He studied the menu and I studied him.  He had large buck teeth, a long nose and ears that were as near to being pointed as it was possible to be. He looked like a rabbit!!

                “I am a vegetarian” he stated a little unnecessarily. How could he be anything else, I wondered. Born into the part. I was a little tempted to laugh but as this was our first, and likely to be our last, date, I suppressed the mirth.

                “I can only have a relationship with someone who does not eat FLESH.” He made the last word sound like a swear... more

admin Mar 23 '17 · Tags: real story, bad date, vegetarian

We are always trying to increase security awareness, and highlight how to spot scoundrels. We want you to stay safe, and we want your experience to remain fun.

We do everything in our power to prevent these people spoiling anyone's experience, which is why only 1 in 3 applicants are approved to join Expat Dating Spain. But unfortunately an occasional bad apple falls through the net, and this is when we rely on you to let us know if someone you're talking to raises suspicion. We will investigate discretely and act instantly.

The clever ones are the hardest to spot but there's always one common fac... more

admin Mar 15 '17 · Tags: security, scammers, real story

Making the move to a first date can feel like a double-edged sword.  You’re excited about the possibilities, but still, this is a person you don’t know.  How do you make such a nerve-wracking process comfortable for both of you? There are a number of do’s and don’ts, but one of the biggest pieces to help foster comfortability and connection is your location.


It used to be that first dates were about making a big impression with flowers, drinks, and a fancy restaurant.  Today, flowers are best reserved for further along in the relationship and fancy restaurants can be a buzz kill.  It usually doesn’t take long to get a feel for each other and know whether the possibility of connection exists.  If you don’t feel it, a long dinner at a fancy restaurant can end up being a bit torturous.... more


There are a lot of things to consider when planning your first date.  But you don’t want to over think things so much that you forget what’s most important: meeting someone new and having a good time while you do it. Our guide to setting up your first date is designed to help you do just that while eliminating the stress of planning.


Begin at the Beginning


When you get excited about someone it’s easy to want to jump right in.  If that’s you, that’s great.  There’s nothing wrong with a little excitement in life.... more

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