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Dear Katie,


I joined the dating site ages ago. Quite a few men contacted me but they didn't seem right for one reason or another and I let it drift for a while.


Just after the new year, I got an email from one of the men who had messaged me before. I was a bit low so I took a bit more notice of it. His name was Mike, he was coming near my area and asked if I fancied meeting for coffee or lunch or something. Anyway, I thought why not and said ok. It cheered me up and before he came we got chatting online quite a bit. We had a good laugh together, we both liked the same TV and remembered stuff from back in England when we lived there. He even knew the town I had come from near Boston.


So when we finally met for lunch I was really nervous, thinking it would be a disaster if we didn't like each other after all that. But we did! I was so surprised, I hadn't really believed I would meet anyone again. After that we became firm friends and it wasn't long before we were getting together for weekends. I was so happy.


Then he stopped calling. I was frantic, thinking he had an accident or something. Finally I got hold of him. His ex had been to see him and she wanted to give it another try. I was so shocked. I knew he was divorced, so why go back again? Divorce is a long messy horrible business, I've been through it myself and couldn't imagine getting back with my ex husband. I just found it so hard to understand what was going on and so terribly hurt.


My daughter Lucy came to stay during all this and helped me get myself back together again. She was adamantly against Mike because she saw first hand what I had been put through. Then he got back in touch. He had missed me, said he'd tried to make it work with his ex wife but had never thought it would work out, nor did it. I told him it was too late. Lucy was a lot more forthright and told him to get lost.


I work as a translator and got more involved in work, helping out at the local school too just to keep busy. Lucy had to go back to UK and earn some money. Much as I tried to get a new life together, it wasn't working. In the end I got in touch with Mike. I know I shouldn't have done but I knew we could be good together if we tried. I needed to hear what he thought.



So we started talking again. He was on his own and it didn't take long for us to pick up from before. Lucy was livid when I told her, she said I was to stop being stupid and I couldn't trust him. For a while she wouldn't speak to me or if she did it was to yell at me. It was a very hard time but I didn't want to let Mike go, nor give up the happiness I had found. I had been lonely for too long.


Lucy came back to stay with me after the summer. She knew I was still seeing Mike and she was intending to make me see sense. I picked her up at the airport, she was very angry but tried to stay calm. After a very tense few days we had a terrible row and she walked out. It seemed like I was going to have to make a choice between my daughter and Mike. Lucy was my family, my loved and only child. I know I had spoiled her, especially when her father and I had split up. I could not lose her, but I was heartbroken about giving up Mike.


She came home later, I could see she had been crying and I burst out in tears too. She didn't want to see me unhappy but thought I was being an idiot. I think she would have carried on arguing with me but we were both too emotionally exhausted. The next day I asked Mike to come over. I thought it would help and I was right, once she saw how gentle and loving he was toward me she calmed down.


It wasn't all plain sailing afterwards but it has got easier. I think Lucy would prefer to have me to herself and that's really the crux of it. But we are so happy and I know she will find the same happiness herself one day, then she will understand.


I hope I haven't rambled too much. Keep well and God Bless.


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