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Hey Katie,

I joined Expatdatingfrance a couple of years back. I met a lot of new people and one special one.

When I first joined up I was only looking to meet people -
well ladies ....anyway for a bit of company and a laugh.

I moved to France in 2013 and started off with a van moving stuff up and down the country for anybody who asked. As I was travelling around I used to drop by and meet ladies from off the site.

Usually just for friends, getting to know people in what ever area I was in, it was a bit of fun ...and sometimes it was more than that and sometimes it wasn't.

Eventually I got close with Sue who lives near Beziers. We were seeing a lot of each other and having lots of fun going out dancing, bars and restaurants and having a great time.

I had also got to know Jackie who lived up near Cognac, she had an old farm house and kept dogs, cats, sheep, a donkey, chickens and all that stuff. I felt really at home when i stayed over there and would help fix the place up. There was a lot to do - she was trying to renovate but she had been left on her own, so she was struggling. I really enjoyed all that stuff and she appreciated it too.

For quite a long time I would drop in on either Sue or Jackie whenever I was travelling near them. Truth be told I looked for jobs that would take me close by. 

Then one night I had to leave my van at Sue's for the weekend and fly to UK. When i got back all hell let loose. Sue found out about Jackie, had got mad at me, contacted jackie, then they both got mad at me. I must have left something in the van and Sue found it.

The thing is, I never started off looking for anything serious, I just drifted into it, ....seeing both of them.

I saw it differently than they did. To me, I hadn't said i was committed, exclusive or anything. not even that i was their boyfriend.

Anyway, after a few angry emails, neither of them spoke to me.

Then after a while, Sue calmed down and wrote to me, she'd found another fella and was feeling guilty about Jackie. I didn't think she should have said anything to Jackie either, but that's water under the bridge and all that. What's done was done.

Although I'd had a lot of fun with Sue, I knew it was only that and we wouldn't get serious or anything. I said to her it was Ok and wished her luck.....

Jackie was always different. She was quieter, much calmer and I had sort of felt that maybe i could settle down with her. She was a lot different than my usual girl friends.
She also took things more seriously. I knew from the couple of emails she had sent me: that she felt betrayed, said she couldn't trust me and didn't want to have anything else to do with me. Nothing I tried to say or wrote made her see it any other way either.

After that, I let things go for a long time, but .....when ever I was near her place I'd think about her. I guess I missed her.

Then one day I just thought I would go and see her. There was nothing to lose, she was mad at me anyway, worse that could happen is she told me to get lost.

So i went and she tried to be angry but she wasn't.

I took her a bag of chicken feed, because I'd always talked to the chickens and collected the eggs when I was there. She laughed when i gave it to her.

Since then we've been together - that's about the best part of a year now. I try not to travel so much and we've done up her place now. feels like home, the first real place that's felt like home in a long time. I hope it stays like this, we are really happy.

Hope you're doing good too.

Saw your photo, you're a real looker!

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