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Hiya Katie. I'm gobsmacked, something good happened and I wanted to tell you.


Hope I’m your first Spain success. I’m a bit of a Shirley Valentine – that dates me doesn’t it. Came to Spain on a ‘break’ meaning a break from my marriage, for a couple of months and stayed a couple of years and more now.


Things weren’t going well back home and after lots of rows and hard words my hubby agreed it was better to take time out for awhile. I work in the travel business so it was dead easy to get a summer job on the Costa, he stayed back home, working.


Spain was a dream for me. After years of slogging away in the north of England I was finally in the sun, loving my job and free. I didn’t look back for one second. I had such fun, once work was over I hit the high spots and there was never any shortage of company. Discos, late night bars, street music, parties. It was another world and I wasn’t going to leave it ever. My other half didn’t hang about either. He rang and said don’t come back, ‘i’m settled with Sheila’. My hairdresser and ‘friend’ (not any more she’s not) had moved in and he was wanting a divorce. It took me nearly a year to get my share but it was worth it and I bought the apartment I’d been renting.


I had any number of boyfriends, most of it was good, one or two weren’t but I never had a moment regret. Then i fell for Jim. That was it for me and we both lived in Spain so getting together was a doddle. I was with my man for life. Or so i thought. I was ok financially, never going to be rich but I was good with money and worked hard. He wasn’t. He’d spend it like there was no tomorrow. Long and short of it that he fleeced me good and proper then scarpered.


That put a stop to my romances. I’d lost the joy of it and needed to get back to work. I went back to Birmingham working my socks off and letting my place out to pay off the debts. I finally moved back in 2014. This time I kept it slow and my age was going against me anyway so I didn’t go out so much, just saw friends and was a lot quieter.


When I spotted your new dating site in Spain I wasn’t going to join, but I got curious. There’s a bit of a naughtiness in me and something set it off. So I joined up and jumped in, even after swearing I never would. There weren’t a great many people on to start with but it soon got going and I was chatting away with a few men. Then I spotted a new chap and something went click with me.


And he wrote me first. Just as i was typing a message, I got one from him. Well we were up after midnight writing messages and chatting. Next day he’d already left 3 messages and smileys and his phone number. I tried to slow down a bit. I’d been bitten once and you just never know with these online things. Anyway, i laid off a while and he went a bit frantic till I told him to give me some time.


I waited all of 2 days! I never was one for holding back, in with 2 feet me. Now we’re making plans for christmas and next year and it might be early days but it feels right and I think it’s going to work. He’s a saver, like me, but he’s generous and kind with it. I’ll keep you posted, but I think i’m on a winner here. So good luck to you and your site and thanks for doing it. Could be the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. 

wishing you well, cheers, Chrissy. xx

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