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Ever watched Frasier?

If you haven't you should - it's the perfect guide on "how not to date!"
Plus it's hilarious!

Dating is not an art, it's from the heart, so it's totally confusing, emotional and full of all those feelings we could do without! BUT it's better than sitting watching old reruns of Frasier on your own every night.

So go on a few dates with lots of people, just to make friends, just to get some experience, just to get out and have a life!

We have really simplified our prices, only 15 Euros a month - that's only the couple of Sangrias.
And we are really fussy here, we don't let the whole world in, its English speaking expats only so you're as safe as we can make it! 

Give it a go and get your glad rags ready - you're going on a date!!

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