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Meeting people online and building a rapport with them takes just as much care and attention as any of your other relationships. You get from them what you put into them. Our simplest advice is to avoid sending rushed messages, take things slow, ask good questions, and build upon what you have in common.

But if this is your first message to someone, or maybe your first message of this kind ever, we understand that you’re looking for a little more than that. We’ve put together some of our favourite examples in order to spark your imagination and get comfortable with meeting people online. 

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Hiya Katie. I'm gobsmacked, something good happened and I wanted to tell you.


Hope I’m your first Spain success. I’m a bit of a Shirley Valentine – that dates me doesn’t it. Came to Spain on a ‘break’ meaning a break from my marriage, for a couple of months and stayed a couple of years and more now.


Things weren’t going well back home and after lots of rows and hard words my hubby agreed it was better to take time out for awhile. I work in the travel business so it was dead easy to get a summer job on the Costa, he stayed back home, working.


Spain was a dream for me.... more


Heartbreak. We risk it whenever we offer our love.

So why do things go wrong when we so want them to go right?


The main problems come from within oneself. That’s sometimes hard to accept, but once you do accept it, it gives you more control. Feeling helpless and at the mercy of someone else is just one of the awful aspects of breaking up.


Try to step back and assess your actions from someone else’s stand point. Ask yourself questions. Was this the right person for me? Seriously answer that question. Lonely people are vulnerable, sometimes we find someone and pour all of our love, devotion, kindness, warmth onto to the object of our love. And I mean object, rather than person.


A close friend, Frieda (not her real name) fell for an amazing guy.... more

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Some people just breeze onto the site, put up a few pics, connect with their chosen one and 'bang' they're off, hand in hand into the sunset. But it isn't always that easy! It was 4 very long years before I got together with my partner for life and many of us know what it's like being alone for a long time.


First thing to realise is that it's not really dating, it's communication we need to think about. The dates come once you've opened up and got connected.

 Here's 10 simple steps to make connecting easier.


1. Photos are the key... more

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Angloinfo World: Finding expat love – the online way!

It’s a great thrill to set off to a new life abroad and all the more fun when shared.

For those who find themselves single, finding someone to share their lives with in their corner of the world is no longer a big challenge. Online dating is now firmly established and new companies are opening up to look after the expat market. I am the founder of one of them.

After 10 years living in France, my dear husband developed lung cancer and died fairly quickly. It left me in shock and with a very uncertain future. My French was ok but not up to dealing with the bureaucracy involved in the aftermath of a death.

Officials couldn’t have been kinder and they helped all they could, my family and friends rallied round and I made the painful transition to widowhood with their support. Nevertheless, I was traumatised and it took a couple of years to stabilise.... more

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Hey Katie,

I joined Expatdatingfrance a couple of years back. I met a lot of new people and one special one.

When I first joined up I was only looking to meet people -
well ladies ....anyway for a bit of company and a laugh.

I moved to France in 2013 and started off with a van moving stuff up and down the country for anybody who asked. As I was travelling around I used to drop by and meet ladies from off the site.... more

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Dear Katie,


I joined the dating site ages ago. Quite a few men contacted me but they didn't seem right for one reason or another and I let it drift for a while.


Just after the new year, I got an email from one of the men who had messaged me before. I was a bit low so I took a bit more notice of it. His name was Mike, he was coming near my area and asked if I fancied meeting for coffee or lunch or something. Anyway, I thought why not and said ok. It cheered me up and before he came we got chatting online quite a bit. We had a good laugh together, ... more


Hey Katie May,

Heard you on the radio and thought I would drop you a line about a funny thing that happened to me on expat dating in France.

I joined last year and got chatting to a few ladies. I was still in England selling up my house before hopping on the ferry to move out here for good.

One lady was a funny one, she told me about her holidays and how good they made her feel, then sent me some photos. She wasn't wearing a stitch in any of them. I thought - well here's a good sport, might just go and see her.... more

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